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  • What is an Energy Alignment?
    As we know, our body has many systems-- digestive, skeletal, muscular, circulatory, etc. But what is not so commonly known is that it also comes with numerous Energy Systems that help our body systems to do their jobs. Energy systems are not to be confused with the spirit that gives life to the body. However, our spirit (true self) can operate at its best when our body and energy systems are balanced and performing at their best. Disturbances in our energy systems--often resulting from emotional trauma or misperceptions, can wreak havoc in our body systems. Traditional western medicine addresses the symptoms that show up in the body systems, while energy work focuses on the root energetic causes of those physical symptoms. Remove the energetic blocks that prevent the body from healing naturally as it was designed to do, and often physical and emotional healing occurs quickly and permanently. A Feel So Light energy alignment can help clean up all the energetic clutter that exists in your mind-body. Do you revisit past hurts or offenses? Do you find it hard to let go of the past and envision a brighter future? Are ready for a paradigm shift to release the "old story" and embrace the real vibrant you? Energy can be compared to a software program. At times the program can get bogged down or doesn't perform functions at optimum levels, or can even be archaic in how it operates. A Feel So Light Energy Alignment can be a way for you to experience a "reboot" or download a "software update", allowing you to function better and often with enhanced performance.
  • What is it that I do, exactly?
    I am a trained & Certified SimplyALIGN Practioner who facilitates the release of negative energy that keeps people stuck in negative patterns. By utilizing my intuitive gifts, I help identify and then quickly and painlessly clear the energetic blocks that have been keeping you from reaching your potential--physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. Your spirit and your body will naturally know what to do from there. The process is simple, clean, graceful, and effective. This mortal experience has its share of difficulties, setbacks, traumas, and heartaches. Each "negative" experience we face has the potential of getting stuck in one or more of our body's energy systems. Releasing these blocks gives you the power to move forward confidently and unencumbered to become all you were meant to be, and do all you were sent here to do. Just as our spirits can struggle when our physical bodies are unhealthy, making sure our energy systems are in optimal condition can help us more fully live a healthy vibrant life. Energy alignment can clear the blocks preventing a person from believing that God's love and Christ's atonement are truly available for him/her. It can expose the lies/stories/false beliefs the adversary has planted, and pull those lies out so that the truth can be more readily recognizable and embraced, thus helping the person to take positive steps forward in creating a healthy, happy, and rewarding life.
  • What if I don't share your faith? Can this still work for me?
    Yes! I respect your right to believe in what you may (freedom of conscience). Your higher intelligence (spirit) directs the flow of the session, and your spirit is always in control as to what it accepts. I simply release the low vibrational energy that your spirit is ready to release, so that higher vibrations can replace it, thus empowering you to move forward to create a joyful and rewarding life.
  • Why use the SimplyALIGN method?
    There are many wonderful things to learn about how our human body interacts with our thoughts and emotions, and how the energetic vibration we choose to hold affects our world. With simplyALIGN, I have found a safe environment for learning more about this proven tool and helping others cope and even thrive during these tumultuous days. There is much good to do here on earth, and I am happy to assist others with this intuitive art that science is validating as technology increases. Even energetic blocks that have endured for years, or have been passed down generationally, can be removed in but a few minutes. Some blocks can be removed in as little as seconds. It's like the switch in the railroad track-- that although small, changes direction and destination. After a session clients feel lighter, clearer, more at peace and empowered. Then in just days, weeks, months, they are able to see results manifesting in the physical world including happier relationships and a more abundant life.

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Vickie J.

"My session with Laila has been a great blessing in my life. My oldest daughter passed away almost two years ago. There was so many negative emotions surrounding her life and death. We did a lot of clearing with that. I no longer have unbelievable sadness and emotional pain when I think of her. What a wonderful gift! I have had a great deal of stress in my life. Since my session, I have felt peace unlike I have felt before. A session with Laila was one of the best experiences of my life."

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