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Welcome to my sunny spot! Grab a glass of lemonade or ginger tea and come rest, rejuvenate, and smile with some warm wonderings. It’s my treat to share a "light" snack to keep you shining through your day.


Little Ray of Sunshine: A swift dose of vitamin D for the soul. (Short reads)

Solar Burst: Deep truths to warm your soul, enlighten your mind, and rock your world. (Medium reads)

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Vickie J.

"My session with Laila has been a great blessing in my life. My oldest daughter passed away almost two years ago. There was so many negative emotions surrounding her life and death. We did a lot of clearing with that. I no longer have unbelievable sadness and emotional pain when I think of her. What a wonderful gift! I have had a great deal of stress in my life. Since my session, I have felt peace unlike I have felt before. A session with Laila was one of the best experiences of my life."

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